Le Gavroche restaurant experience in London, Mayfair.


Le Gavroche is located at 43 Upper Brook street in Mayfair. It was opened back in 1967 by Michel and Albert Roux although the original location was at 61 Lower Sloane Street until 1981. It was the first restaurant in the UK to be awarded the first Michelin star, second and third. Although back in 1993 when Albert Roux “handed over” the restaurant to his son, one star was taken away, as a result of the chef Patron change. At the time, a lot of clients were sceptical in regards to Michel Roux Jr’s style and whether he would be able to continue his family’s legacy. Remember, at this time England was notorious for haute cuisine. It was not a place one would link together with fine dining on an International scale. Albert and Michel were some of the pioneers in introducing classical French culinary techniques, and also to raise the professional standard of care in the world of culinary arts in England. One could argue that Michel Roux Jr. extended that trend by bringing “new, lighter and more healthy dishes” into his repertoire by offering an exciting menu to an “ever-changing” and demanding culinary audience without compromising the taste and quality. The Roux family placed the UK on the culinary world map and responsible for training some of the most famous celebrity chefs around the world.


I advise that you book in advance as the restaurant can be pre-booked for months ahead!


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I would like to share my dining experience with those of you interested in haute cuisine.


I entered the restaurant through hotel 47 Park Street and went directly down to my comfortable Banquette seating area in the middle of the restaurant, appreciating the simplicity, elegant interior design and art.





The Menu EXCEPTIONNEL November 2017



Here is a breakdown of the menu and my experience

As expected from a restaurant of this calibre, not to mention the high professional standards – famously attributed to the Roux family, one will not get disappointed with the service. It is just opulent and the future of highly skilled Sommeliers, Matre’Ds and managers are looking promising, indeed. Great staff, willing to learn from outstanding professionals. Their interest seems keen, and they are purely devoted to educating themselves and excelling in their duties, respectively. I know exactly how much work it requires on the forefront, especially in such an establishment. Bravo to the team in November 2017!


I was welcomed with a fresh and bubbly Champagne accompanied by a selection of amuse-bouches of pumpkin arancini and salad tartlets topped with crunchy bacon.




Small appetising grenades – paving the way for a creamy soufflé Suissesse bomb.


The culinary show has begun!


Soufflé Suissesse


An airy, tasteful classic rendition by the Roux family. It was very tasty!


Marinated carpaccio of Galloway beef 20171117_125440

A gorgeous presentation. The horseradish and pickled beetroot unbelievable.



Perfectly cooked scallop. Less does it! It is about technique and temperature control.

The pairing with the light version of Noilly Prat velouté is genius.



The combination of this dish worked very well. The hazelnut condiment, endives & balsamic flakes with the marinated and crispy skin is delicious, and again technique plays a huge role in getting this just right to bring out the textures and flavours.


Pork Cheek20171117_134018

Succulent and although not a big fan of pumpkin. The mixture of pumpkin and mustard puree combined with the parsley root and the Rosemary Jus brought this to a higher level.


Venison Loin20171117_135704

The loin of venison served with stuffed red cabbage and a delightful juniper sauce.

I mean what is there NOT to love???


A Selection of Cheeses from the table…20171117_141739



An array of fermented cheesy comestibles 🙂

Do not be afraid to ask for advice, as the selection is huge!


Babas au Calvados20171117_144829

The Babas with Calvados and vanilla cream and apple was alright, suggest too much apple “compote” and the julienne garnish slightly sour. I had hoped for a little more play and nuances in the tastes. Having said this, it is a personal preference and the execution of the dough marvellous.





Also, a picture of the “new” kitchen ANY professional chef would die for!



In Conclusion

Is it expensive? Everything is relative, but yes, it is not cheap. However, you are receiving an experience from a world-renowned restaurant surrounded by astonishing art pieces and decoration. The ingredients are of premium quality and the chef’s skills second to none. The location is unique, and nothing is compromised within the walls of this subterranean culinary pearl. The place oozes of history and elegance, a subtle touch of luxury without coming across flamboyant or otherwise ostentatious. This is also how the culinary side is delivered. It is respecting the past of culinary, often forgotten craftsmanship, thus acknowledging and catering for “new” era. It is not about molecular gastronomy and pushing the boundaries of culinary trends. No, it is about “honest” high-quality French/European cooking – bringing the best out of each ingredient plated elegantly, – thus with a twist of modern styles. I will highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to dine out in London!


My compliments to Rachel Humphrey, Diego Ferrari, Gaetano Farucci, Emmanuel Landré, Ursula and Silvia, Rémi Cousin (great pairing of wines with the EXCEPTIONNEL Menu!) A big thank you to Peter at 47Park Street for making my stay in London absolutely splendid. And at last to the Roux Family.

Thanks for reading.

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