Guns’n’Roses Portugal concert 2017

On the 2nd of June 2017, at the Passeio Marítimo de Algés, in Lisbon, 58,919 fans were gathered to witness one of the biggest Rock bands in the world, namely, Guns’n’Roses. It was the first time Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan were playing together since the Use your Illusion tour back in 1993. Now 2017, here I was, front row going to see one of my favourite bands perform some of their best songs in their Not in this lifetime… tour. I had bought my ticket through the VIP NATION agency and received a collector’s booklet and multiple picks. Free drinks and early entrance into the Golden Circle etc. I can highly recommend their services. Anyway, Mark Lanegan and
Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown warmed up the audience and got people in the mood before the “big boys” entered the stage. Seasoned musicians and very entertaining.



Luckily, the weather was great when GNR entered the stage. The show opens with the main theme from Looney tunes followed by The Equalizer written by Harry Gregson-Williams, which leads into Axl getting on stage in a spectacular LED screen playing in the background plus a powerful light show accompanied by various special effects.

Holy Cow, here I am so many years after I first heard GNR playing “You could be mine” in one of my favourite movies, Terminator 2, which also became my main reason for entering the world of entertainment. I absolutely fell in love with Cinema and the environment. Let alone, the works by SPFX artist and director Stan Winston which left me mesmerized as a child. Later on, in my life, I got the opportunity to learn and work with his legacy of world-renowned and extremely talented Special Effects Makeup artists in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he passed away when I lived in Los Angeles for the first time back in 2008. Sorry, for this frolic on my own but it is the whole atmosphere and time era, which represents to me, a time in my life where I would bicycle around with my friends in a small town, more or less like the friendship in the group you see in the movie “Stand by me” by Stephen King. That kind of comfortable childhood where MTV, The Simpsons and Mario Kart was an integral part of daily life – plus fighting in the schoolyard with the bigger boys.



Here you can see abstracts from the show, which I recorded on my phone.



All in all, it was an excellent concert and Axl’s tribute to Chris Cornell was executed in a great and respectful manner. We are just but mortal and Axl version 2017 had finally buried the hatchet with Slash and getting back to where it all began. Although more mature – GNR’s music has become an important part of the music history and I am glad I was there to witness them perform.


Hereby, some more pictures



Have a great time and thanks for reading !!

Stephen xx


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