Farmer’s market in Setubal, Portugal

Nothing is better than waking up early in the morning during the summertime and to drive to the local farmer’s market before it gets crowded. Strolling slowly along the unique coastline taking in the spectacular views of the beautiful Arrabida mountain chain and the calm River Sado and the vast Atlantic ocean. Overlooking the picturesque Peninsula of Troia and the opulent vast beaches of Comporta stretching as far as the eye can see. The tranquillity and beauty of this area is breath-taking, and somehow a vibe of positive energy penetrates your mind, and suddenly everything just makes sense. The sun just about to rise and the feel of gentle and pleasant breezes touching your head is a great sensation, and the scent of fresh seawater, fruits, and trees adds to the whole experience. This, my friends, is Nature’s rendition of therapy.

Having the Arrabida mountains as a backdrop with the vineyards snaking their way along the landscape.  I mean, how can you not love this?



Within a short drive, you reach the Setubal city. It has developed a lot and becoming a thriving city with lots of great restaurants and shopping facilities. The waterside and harbour area is excellent for walks and to stop by for a coffee during lunch and dinner.


Anyway,  the Mercado do Livramento is an Art Deco styled market hall and it opened back in 1930. It is one of the best fish markets in the world, and it also houses many vendors offering a vast selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and regional products.



It is an exciting place to visit, and there is always such a great buzz. The time spent by the stand owners setting up their impressive displays. They are proud of their products and place great pride in their business. You can pick and choose exactly the product you want, and the service is second to none. You get to interact directly with the sellers in a friendly environment, but it can be jam-packed.


Nevertheless, clients wait and respect the queue until it is their turn and on several occasions, I have seen many elderly or disabled people receiving help getting their groceries brought to their cars, or taxis. This is Portugal; the grace and culture, I have come to respect and admire.


A few other photos of dishes and snacks I created from this gorgeous farmer’s market.


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