Chocolate fair in Lisbon



The annual fair is hosted at the Campo Pequeno venue, Lisbon. I have been attending this the past few years, but this time around, it seemed much smaller than previously.

Nevertheless, some displays were nicely decorated, while others lacked some creativity, overall, it was a little disappointing. Somehow, I felt the audience could just not get in the mood, and even most of the sellers representing the different companies, respectively, were just waiting for someone to actually approach them so they could sell some stuff. There was not the sense of pride about the products, no enthusiasm whatsoever. It was more of a “Here is the price tag, where is your money” approach. It felt rushed, disorganized and slightly “cheap.”

In 2017, it was beyond amazing, it remains an enigma to me how it could be reduced to this?

Many visitors, as well as, business owners were not impressed either. There were even companies present, which had absolutely nothing to do the chocolate niche? Domestic products, I can live with, but massive conglomerates?  Well.. not going to get into pointing fingers at anyone, but dear organizers- do not sell yourself so cheap next time, raise the prices for admission a few euros.

Holy cow, next time around, I may even bring flowers to mourn whoever passed away right before I stepped into the hall. Seriously, am I at someone’s funeral, or this is the actual chocolate fair???

I hope the promoters and organizers will try to bring the show up 2018 standard again within next year because there is an audience out there with a keen interest in this field.



Working with Chocolate is an art, a craft to respect because a lot of love goes into making these high-end quality products. Buying the beans, mixing process, tempering, filling, packaging and the list continues. It was great to see some familiar faces there, – some with their business grown exponentially since last year. I was thrilled to learn about their success. I remember when some of them started out only with a few bags on the table at some regional fair far away from civilization. I guided a few entrepreneurs along the way and am happy they took my advice. Anyway, I bought some citron liquors and a bag full of chocolates. Of course, I will support these family businesses.

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