Is the GoPro 6 worth it ???

The GoPro 6 is the first in the series I bought. It is still very pricey but questionable is whether it is worth it given the competition? I did face some problems at first in regards to updating the camera and getting the 4K video files onto my portable, as a matter of fact, I had to purchase a new laptop to view the recordings (HEVC). However, the old one was about three, and as we all know technology continues to advance, and what you buy today is “old” tomorrow.


I guess that is just how that cookie crumbles.


Before buying the GoPro6, I did a lot of research on Youtube, and it was actually complicated to make up my mind because you have a lot of videos for and against this product. I spent a lot of time researching the negative reviews. People were complaining about the grainy footage, and other reviewers were pointing out the hefty price tag, and that 4k is overkill, – and you are not even able to explore some of the features with current technology. At the time of this writing, the issue about the grainy recordings has been dealt with by their online updates, but there is still space for improvements.




The camera looks identical to the previous versions, and the best way to check whether it is a GoPro5 or 6 is by switching on the device and view the panel next to the lens, which will reveal the shooting mode, and battery status. On the back, you got a touchscreen which is alright but I was born with clumsy sausage fingers, and that has caused some problems, also if the camera is wet it can be an issue. Otherwise, it runs smoothly.

Overall, it is a solid camera, and the removable battery is still the same 1220 milli amp, as in the previous model. It is also solid and well built.

A long story short after updating the camera software to the latest online “update” version – the quality of the recordings becomes very, very good. The GPI processor allows you to shoot in 4K at a 60FPS in wide mode. The footage looks smoother, and one can easily notice the change from the GoPro5. Also, the ability to record in 1080p with a 280 FPS brings your slow-motion videos in real 1080p to another level. Also, the HDR photo mode provides a consistent sharp “look” in post-production. I mean, it is unrivaled from any other “budget” action cam. Of course, Î am not taking into consideration the camcorders used in high-end professional productions. We need to be realistic and judge by the norm of current technology available in the market. Having said this, I am impressed.

The viewfinder app hooks up quickly with your phone through Bluetooth, and I was able to transfer photos and recordings from the camera directly on to my phone. I am using a superior quality 64GB card for my recordings and only had one problem, which was easily rectified. When I transferred my recordings over to an Android tablet, it automatically alters the configurations on the card to only be used by an Android. I could not bring the photos into my laptop or watch the videos elsewhere. It was not recognized on other devices. Yet, once you save your recordings onto a memory stick or so, – you just erase the SD card, and it will be compatible with any other system. However, it was highly annoying, – even the playbacks were hacking and unpleasant to look at. Anyway, you should not be facing these problems upon updated your camera on the GoPro site.

The digital imagine stabilization is also a fantastic feature on this camera, but I am using a gimble named KARMA to improve the “flow” an otherwise quality of my recordings. Thus, it does not work if you record in 4K at 60FPS or 1080p at 240FPS. Also, I noticed upon bringing pictures and recordings into my editing software that the red hue is vague, it leans towards the orange spectra, but this can be fixed in the colour correction area. Yet, at this price range, you would expect a more accurate representation. Nevertheless, since such issues can be rectified by GoPro’s updates, I am certainly assuming this matter to be negotiated within the near future.




There are various modes of which you can shoot. I prefer the linear mode, – do not forget this is an action camera and there will be slight warping going on the edges but nothing compared to the previous action cameras. It depends on the style you wish to deliver, and many subscribe to the extreme fish-eye, as it just looks cool.


When it comes to the quality of sound. Well, it is horrible! No action cams or any other camcorder or phone has great audio. It may be worthwhile investing in a microphone unless you like that deep bathroom sound. I am not sure if this is a hardware or software issue, but if you want to make a documentary, or record some audio of decent quality, then, a microphone is needed.

So is it worth it?


To me, it is worth it because I can shoot underwater, I do not have to be afraid of the camera getting wet if it rains. It is robust, and the image quality is excellent. However, if you are not semi-professional and you just want to capture some footage without caring too much about the quality opt for another camera in the cheaper range, as you will not need such a camera for your purposes. It is overkill and waste of your hard-earned money if you just need to use it on a few occasions. Most people will use their mobile phones anyway and ask yourself how often do you need to record anything underwater? Do you need to shoot in 4K?

It all depends on your needs and how much you wish to invest. Remember, the memory card is are not included, and that can set you back about 15% – 25% of the camera price.

Good luck finding your action cam!


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