Have you tried this Pigtail recipe?

Say what? Yeah, it is all about pigtails in this recipe. I first tasted pigtails in Estramoz, Portugal, and it was delicious. I tweaked the recipe slightly, and the result is equally ‘oinkilicious.’ It is also very rich and ‘eating less is more.’ So let’s get down and dirty!



You need two lemons, two onions, 200ml vinegar,  1 teaspoon of black pepper, four cloves of garlic, water, 1.5- 2 kilos of pigtails, salt, a splash of port wine & a hot sauce of your choice, or BBQ. Just follow my instructions below:


  • Wash the pigtails.


  • Quater the lemons and onions. Crush the garlic. Thereby, put the lemons, onions, and garlic into a bowl and then add vinegar, a little salt, black pepper, and water. Stir a little and add a splash of Port. Now, you got your brine.


  • Place the pigtails into the bowl and leave to soak in the brine for 24 hours. Make sure the meat is covered by the brine. This will tenderize the meat.

24 hours later…


  • Remove the pigtails from the brine and place in a cooking tray, then brush on a heavy coat on the tails of the BBQ (or a hot sauce you opted for). Let them stand for about 1.5 hours.


  • Meanwhile turn on the oven and bring to 200 degrees on the grill, place the tray in the middle of the oven for 30 – 35 mins. You will notice the skin popping and the fat will start to leak from the tails, it will even shrink.


  • With a tong, turn around the pigtails and baste them with more sauce. Return to oven for another 15-20 minutes.


  • You are done! Leave the pigtails to rest for about 5 minutes before you place them on to a serving plate.



Serve this with some fresh salad. More importantly, use your hands when eating and take small bites. Just like with spareribs! 




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