I am going “Greenish” – Bought a Twizy!

Hey Everyone,

I have been contemplating for years getting an electric car. Yet, I suffered from “range anxiety” and kept postponing this idea. I am familiar with just about any electric vehicle on the market but not impressed with their performances and looks. Having said this, I do love the luxury models offered by Tesla but was adviced not to buy one for now by a good friend of mine in the car business. He was involved with the television programme ‘Top Gear’ and is just a car guru. He speaks, I listen! Nevertheless, I passed by a Renault dealer by accident and noticed this ‘buggy’ looking vehicle, so I decided to stop and have a look.




It looks utterly ridiculous, – and the thought of me driving around in it suddenly became very attractive. I requested a test-drive, and about twenty minutes later I was on the road with the salesman sitting in the backseat. I felt like the Toad character from “Mario-Kart” driving around, – it is so much fun! Not to mention the number of slack-jawed pedestrians and many facepalms I received on this little trip. What can I say? It was a match made in Heaven and since I already knew of my gasoline spendings per week combined with the fact that it would be less pollutive and more economical, it was a no-brainer.



Have an awesome weekend everyone!


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