What can you expect here on Webchicken?

Hey everyone,

A lot in store for Webchicken.blog to come. Within the near future we will have the following:


  • I have challenged a well-respected chef to a cake and pie challenge. I will publish the recipes and how to create them. It will be a competition where we will compete for best looking and best-tasting cakes and pies. This match will consist of ten rounds, and the one achieving the highest score will win. We will publish the rules and regulations later.


  • Also, we will publish various articles about wines and ports from Portugal.


  • We are creating a beauty section which will teach you about beauty makeup based on my knowledge as a Special effects make up artist, trained at one of the best educational facilities in Hollywood by world-renowned MUAs.


  • We are also going to get into food nutrition and health-related issues where we are taking on more vital issues, which are to enlighten the general public about ways to obtain a healthier life, feel better and to minimize the risk of any lifestyle-related diseases and prolong an youthful appearance. I will share my story as well!


  • We are also promoting various business opportunities for people wanting to make a change in their life and be on the cutting-edge of conducting business in the 21st century!


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Enjoy your day…

Stephen @ Webchicken.blog 2018



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