Guns are not cool!

My friends, I feel an obligation to put forward my thoughts and feelings about guns. I am not advocating countries to enforce a total ban on firearms because that is virtually impossible given the number of illegal guns available on the black market.

I do acknowledge the arguments put forward by those wishing to maintain the right to carry firearms, and also those wanting a total ban. To me, it is straightforward; guns are created for the single purpose which is to injure and kill. Some may argue that knives are weapons too and throw many statistics at me supporting their claims. I will not dispute these facts, but one blade cannot wreck as much havoc as semi or full-automated weapons. Knives have multi-purpose-functions within any society and benefit many industries, – you can slice and dice products, operate in the medical field, and the list goes on and on.  I honestly cannot see how guns have the same beneficial impact on our society unless you work in a slaughter-house, or for hunting purposes, or in the army, which is meant to kill, right?It is a tool of intimidation, suppression and possesses a scare-factor, and it is accurate guns do not kill people, people do! At this point, many will argue the doctrine of self-defense but how did this aid the victims in past 20 mass-shootings around the world?



Many people also like to witness stuff explode but are “bombs” cool? Explosions do serve a purpose in the area of excavation and the leveling of various constructions, right? Apart from this, it is a symbol of death and destruction.

There need to be stricter laws and regulations in force to minimize the risk of these mass killings, and in times of conflict, the way wars are conducted guns in the 21 century will not save you whatsoever. It represents some sort of false security, and this mindset must change and remember changes begins with you!

Have I misunderstood something here, am I unreasonable?

Either way, guns are not cool!



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