London Tribute show to Michael Jackson

I am not going to discuss the private life of Michael Jackson because I did not know him personally and I do not subscribe to tabloid gossip. However, we did have some friends in common. They were very close to him professionally, and they never saw the “monster” which the media has portrayed, and I take their word over anyone’s else at any day.

We live in a world where compassion for our fellow human beings has declined, and anyone trying to do something “good” for another will either be looked at as a stupid or a being accused of having a “hidden” agenda. Sometimes, there is no need for a ‘Quid pro quo’ scenario. I am not arguing being skeptical is a bad thing because there are so many people out there wanting to exploit others with a “good” heart – most of the time for the sake of gaining financially. Of course, there exist individuals deprived entirely of any morals and honour, but we just need to acknowledge their presence and nothing else. Whether we let them into our lives is a choice of ours! I believe Michael Jackson lost touch with reality and got exposed to such circumstances. Nevertheless, as an entertainer, poet, and musician he was unique. Not to mention as a philanthropist – his indisputable track record is evidence thereof.




I was so fortunate to attend two of his concerts. Actually, I was in the crowd celebrating his 39th Birthday in Copenhagen. It was a fantastic experience, which I still remember vividly. Anyway, almost a decade has passed since Michael Jackson passed away and no other entertainer has come even close to him as a performer and recording artist in his genre.




Today, the closest one gets to a “real” MJ performance, is Thriller-Live, which is a stage show. It is a tribute to Michael Jackson depicting the various cultural eras, personnel changes, and most importantly how his music progressed and developed into his adulthood. It will not be fair to compare a Michael Jackson concert to this “tribute” whatsoever because the man was one in a billion. Having said this, I was highly entertained, and as a tribute show, it is very well done. The performers have somehow created their rendition of his songs, and combined with well-organized choreography plus extensive wardrobes – the audience will not get disappointed. The amount of work gone into this energetic production is hard work! The repertoire of songs is what you would expect and given Michael Jackson’s many hits,-  a cavalcade of earworms…




If you appreciate the works of Michael Jackson make sure to get your tickets for this performance when you are in London. Afterwards, take in the city life in Piccadilly Circus. You can find their website by clicking HERE.


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