The Pope visits Portugal and I was there…

Although, I am not Catholic and do admire Pope Francis and do acknowledge he is by far one of the most popular ‘world leaders.’


18402922_402958000086254_4701197392403931212_nOf Course, I was going to make the short drive up to participate in one of Portugal’s biggest religious events. His stay may be brief but of great importance, as he will canonize two Portuguese shepherd children who saw visions of the Virgin Mary 100-years ago on 12th and 13 of May 2017.

It is a huge religious event. I mean, the 100th anniversary of the famed apparitions of the Virgin Mary to three young shepherds, and moreover, they will become the youngest, non-martyred saints in Church’s history.


Visually, it was one of the biggest events I have ever witnessed in my life. Finding a parking space was not easy and I had to walk about three kilometers to get to the Sanctuary of Fatima. I recorded the Pope’s arrival with my phone so you can get an idea of this ceremony.



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