People are more pollutant than rats??

Wherever humanity has gone, ecosystems have suffered much. Many species have succumbed and become extinct. With our current knowledge and technology, many measures have been taken to protect our environment. Oil and plastics are on the top of the list of ubiquitous pollutants. They permeate every single ecosystem and every living being on this planet. It is not considered ‘radical’ thinking anymore, the data is present, the forecasts bleak, it is now a mainstream issue, and all scientists agree something must be done to achieve better and healthier living conditions for all beings.



However, some businesses and individuals are too ignorant, arrogant or apathetic to care. It is all about maximizing the profits, yet in some form of Poetic Justice, they encounter the exact same faith as everyone else – talking about not only shooting yourself in the foot – but in the friggin’ head, eh? The chart below gives you a brief over-view on how pollution gets back to bite us in the butt.


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Nevertheless, most people acknowledge the problem and do their best to alleviate the stress on our environment, but some are so careless and could not give a damn about you, nature and/or animals. What to do with these people? We wish to maintain a functional society and avoid anyone taking the law into their own hands. I am going to bring a lot of articles and scientific data within the near future, and “No” – they are not meant to be so kind of scare campaigns but seeing is believing.


I am disgusted with the above pictures and the current information I have just received… I will pass this info on to all my readers soon and it does not look promising health wise. So are we really more pollutant than rats? The answer is obviously ‘yes’ and within in the near future, we are also going to top the list of being the most unhealthy, sickest and weakest. We really do not need an asteroid to clean up our mess, or any other super volcano to erupt to end our civilization. We are on the track to do that ourselves if something does not change immediately.

I am sorry for this sad post. I do not wish to offend you as a reader but I hope you understand and share my concern.






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