A trip to Viseu, Bussaco, Porto, Viana do Castelo & Santiago de Compostela, Part 4/4

Santiago de Compostela

I had a phenomenal time making may up through Portugal, and I intended to spend Christmas at the Parador de Santiago, which is nowadays a five-star hotel located in the old charming part of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Being surrounded by facades dating back to 1486 is a very unique experience. If only these walls could talk! The first time I stayed here was with my dad in my mid-teens. I have been here about 7 times. Unfortunately, my dad passed away in 2009, but I am proud to be here with my mom to celebrate Christmas but also to re-live the happy moments I spent with my dad here. I was mesmerized the first time I walked around this historical complex.  Although my dad is no longer with us, the impact of these beautiful memories we shared remains, and in some sense, his spirit was definitely present at what many consider to be the most beautiful and longest operating hotel in Europe, if not, in the world!


Here are some pictures from inside the Pousada!



The hotel, cathedral and narrow streets of the old town never get boring to explore. The food is excellent and just strolling around just exploring the immaculately decorated window displays. Sitting on the staircases talking with some of the pilgrims about their experiences on Camino de Santiago route. They do come from all “walks” of life and one guy used to be Paris Hilton’s private chef, and another tried to find himself after many years in the French foreign legion. He was also determined to finish this journey to pay his respect to fellow pilgrim and friend who got robbed and killed on his route in Spain in 2006, It was an event of tragic events which lead to his death -the Police assume he got hit by a car and his body thrown into a dumpster. It was freezing cold outside, so I invited them to a nearby café to grab a sandwich and something to drink. One of them was about to cry but kept his tears back. After sharing contacts, I wished them well on their journey, and some months later I received an email. As I previously wrote, you never know who you meet on your way – I had a suspicion that one of the men was not your average Joe because of his knowledge and the way he could relate to things, he looked familiar though. However, I did not expect to hear from him again. When I received an email and discovered who he was, I sat back in my chair and laughed to myself.



Hereby some pictures from the old part of town, tapas & shops.



I had a blast in Santiago de Compostela over the Christmas and enjoyed a great dinner inside the Pousada. The surroundings were marvelous.


Christmas 24th of December Gala dinner

Here are some pictures from the Christmas dinner. The staff was providing a service second to none. It was elegantly executed, and the amount of work gone into this event surpassed all expectations. The menu was well constructed and staff top professional.



I will highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting because it is just that awesome. Again, even the breakfast is superb and so delicious, but a heart attack awaiting 😉 Having said this do indulge yourself and appreciate this grand opportunity to eat your breakfast at such a beautiful establishment. It is worth those extra few hours on the treadmill.




I will be uploading a video very soon!

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