The Godfather orchestra with movie

I love the Godfather trilogy. I love the whole history of “La Cosa Nostra” and sure it is heavily romanticised. However, I am writing some articles on this subject and will post in the near future. Now, it is time for Giovanni “Nino” Rota to shine, as he composed the soundtrack for the first two Godfather movies, and received an Academy Award for the best Original score in 1974. You can read more about his long and productive career by pressing this link. His compositions are powerful, cinematic and witnessing his works performed by an outstanding live orchestra while watching part 1 of the Godfather on the big screen inside a beautiful theatre had me completely spellbound.



I know the trilogy in great detail, but the rollercoaster experience is still the same, as it was the very first time when I watched them. You are entering a dangerous world, and even Michael Corleone’s moral corruption, as being a decorated war hero, thus getting into the family business makes a lot of sense, but for all the wrong reasons. You cannot but like Vito and Michael, because in the big picture we are all corrupted in some form or shape. Before venturing into a whole philosophical question, everything about Francis Ford Coppola’s work simply reaches one zenith and the Godfather is a timeless piece of art. This dysfunctional family will always be present whenever you wish, but having the opportunity to participate in such an event with younger and elderly people sharing their same passion about this is magnificent, and the atmosphere totally unique.



I arrived early to get some pictures from the orchestra grave and the theatre before the performance began. I was in the front row and overall it was truly excellent and I am definitely attending their two next performances.


Bravo to the whole orchestra and organizers for a superb and thrilling live concert performance and I was there until the final cast list had finished as I knew and met a few people working on this masterpiece, most notably the late Dick Smith, who was the MUA. I am so pleased to have been taught and talked with such a fine professional and exemplary human being. Of course, he received my standing ovation, because the memory of him in his Godfather T-shirt, welcoming nature and wits were vividly present in my mind.



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