Roger Waters’ concert “US + them” tour Pink Floyd

I am writing this section during the intermission.  I am currently outside the grand Altice complex, and the atmosphere is beyond unbelievable. I am sitting right next to the stage, and Roger Waters is just a stone through away from me. It is completely packed in here, and the crowd is a mixture of young, middle-aged, and elderly people. There is such a positive and vibrant vibe in the air which is so contagious. The opening was gob-smackingly awesome, are you kidding me? When Waters worked his magic on the bass on ‘One of these days,’ subsequently, the drummer and guitarist hitting in – combined with a spectacular light show, not to mention the psychedelic visual recordings running on the massive backdrop. You become completely hypnotized and thus allow your mind and spirit to enter the “Pink Floyd” universe where all the beauty of this world is contrasted with all its evil through powerful and profound lyrics.


I am going back in now!


**Getting cooked**


Here a little video from the concert!


I have just arrived home after taking part in one of the best concerts of my life. This event just cemented my passion for Pink Floyd and especially Roger Waters’ work.

Waters may be 74 years old, but looks absolutely fantastic and possess so much charisma and energy which can be felt in the audience. Only a very few artists can bring people together like this over controversial issues from the past, future, and presence. What a friendly and genuine human being with so much love in his heart not being afraid of getting his messages across. There is no censorship here, and we deal with an individual who derives from a family of political and human rights activists, in particular, very touching, the respect he paid his mother towards the end of his performance. This is not a charlatan, but a person who stands rock solid on his ideologies and no money on this Earth could corrupt his vision. What is not to admire?






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