Agriculture fair near Santarém, Portugal!

I arrived at about 14:30 today at the fair. It was very difficult to find a parking space nearby though. It costs 7 euros per person to get in, which is very cheap considering everything going on and the cleanliness. I went there because I got a huge interest in making liquors and now I also want to try out making my own home-brewed beer from natural resources. However, I also attended because a friend of mine has a stand where his team is grilling a whole Leitão. Needless to say, we had a marvelous lunch.

I mean, within less than an hour this is what was left.


There was a lot of entertainment going on and vendors offering some fantastic products. If you want to buy an award-winning bull, horses, pigs, sheep, goats etc, even if you are looking for huuuuge agricultural equipments, or maybe even just a high-end skin jacket or natural homemade culinary delights –  this is to place to be! It was one of the biggest fairs I have ever been to and everyone was really enjoying themselves and were having a great time. This is what life is about!



You can find their website on feiranacionalagricultura

A great day out and very educational and entertaining.


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