Anthony Bourdain dead at 61!

I just received this shit news less than two hours ago. I am speechless because I had the pleasure to meet Anthony on a few occasions on his “No Reservations” before he later went on to work with CNN. Most notably his Lisbon/ Ericeira trip. He was a character, a real New York “bad boy” chef with countless of anecdotes to tell. A charismatic and bold personality – who also took up the fight against sexual discrimination in the restaurant sector.



However, he fought his own devils within, and dealt with severe substance abuse throughout his whole life and maybe this suicide in a hotel on location in Strasbourg, France had something to do with it? I do not know, but it is sad and devastating news, and it all seems very gloomy. Never in a million years would I have had seen this coming given his adventurous, daring and forceful spirit.


I am not going to judge him for his action. It was his life!


In conclusion, I would like remember him as a great chef and entertainer.  I love his programs and had the opportunity to pay most of his destinations a visit as well. He was authentic, honest and delivered the content in a realistic way with his spellbinding voice.





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