Iron Maiden in Lisbon concert 2018

This is my third time attending an Iron Maiden concert. With over 18000 screaming and exciting fans just waiting for Bruce Dickinson’s preaching to begin. Lets see; Smell of weed present, check! Lots of booze going around, check! Gals flashing their boobs, check, check, check!

Although, apart from one, or two chicks with really nice pairs, I could have been spared the horrendous and haunting sight of middle-aged women flashing something which looked more like long, saggy fenders with de- coloured tats. Oh well, I guess some randy dudes were highly appreciative though. Thanks fellas! Talking about taking one for the team!

Anyway, when the Iron Maiden atmosphere kicked in and the show began, – it soon became a survival game for the “big boys” to maintain a stand nearby the scene, especially when getting pushing around by large groups of sweaty dude.

I do not get pushed around that easily and somehow the stream seemed to by-pass me? Did I smell that bad, or maybe my group of friends looked too scary? Hmm…

More or less like on the Autobahn – the smaller engines respectfully changed lane when they noticed a boisterous Bugatti Veyron in the back mirror, but make no mistake, because in chaos, you also find order, and the most vulnerable in the crowd were given the space to view the concert without getting crushed. It was uplifting to witness people protecting this dude sitting in a wheelchair from being stampede – even some of the band members noticed it, – eventually giving us a thumbs up!

Music has always been a uniting force despite our differences, and it is all about compassion, and respect for our fellow human beings.  This is what Iron Maiden is about, and it was pure two hours of escapism taking in the vivid visuals, riffs, and more importantly spending some quality time with my Iron Maiden family, although a few were missing.

This was the ´real deal’ heavy metal concert, – no bullshit music, and 18000 “fuck you” fingers to superficial mainstream “hit and run” artists, and war mongers. Although, a few jerks tried to be cute by starting a fight, which was negotiated immediately. Needless to say, they were quickly taught one of the certainties in life, which was: “DON’T DO THAT” upon a few gigantic bikers starring at them with a snarl. They behaved like well trained puppies thereafter!


Overall, it was an outstanding concert.




As many of you know Bruce Dickinson recently defeated tongue cancer, which is absolutely fantastic. More and more people are surviving this horrible disease. His voice had not changed at all, and he was full of energy and Iron Maiden is still going strong as one of the mega bands in the world.

I shot a little video below for you to view



Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone!



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