SUD Lisboa restaurant review

The demographics of dining options have definitely changed within the past 15 years in Lisbon. I recall the days when my parents and I were driving along the Cascais coastline to dine; at that time the spectacular restaurant was Porto de Santa Maria or Stanley Ho’s Fortaleza. The other options were the Mandarin Chinese restaurant at the Casino in Monte Estoril, or occasionally the Queluz Palace. However, nothing lasts forever!

Anyway, I went to the opening of a restaurant named KAIS, and the interior is beyond amazing. One of the most beautifully decorated places by French designer Philippe Stark.  At the time the food was so-so, but today of an entirely different caliber, it is high end, but not Michelin Star worthy. I love going there because it is an experience in itself.

On the very same street was located a restaurant called BBC, which I decided to pay a visit with my lawyer, but the culinary experience was a total and utter joke. The service was atrocious. The interior design was very sterile without any soul, and the intense lighting was like walking into an operation theatre. “What a waste of fine real estate”. I said to my lawyer and she agreed 100%, and now justice prevailed! BBC closed down and paved the way for SUD Lisboa to quickly manifest itself as one of the coolest kids on the block!


SUD Lisboa offers an array of various dishes ranging from pizzas to seafood. Although the menu is limited, it works out just fine. Simplicity is the key to this concept. The creations are beautifully garnished and plated! I am a firm believer in offering fewer dishes which you can prepare great instead of countless servings done mediocre. The quality of the cuisine lays on the high-end on the performance scale, however, SUD is much more than just food.



Their selection of wines are mostly good table wines, but in the event, someone wishes to appreciate a first or second growth the house will cater. The bartenders are very knowledgeable and create some tasty cocktails.

The tiny charcuterie stand just adds to the sexiness, not to mention the swimming pool on the first floor, it all blends in so elegantly.   SUD is about entertainment and thus creating a positive and energetic vibe through its cutting-edge technology sound system combined with live performances by gifted singers and DJs. A spot for family and/or friends.


The venue is decorated in modern style with backdrops which would give Caligula a run for his money. The ambiance of direct, in combination with a more subtle, and indirect lighting is pleasant to the eye. The designers achieved a feeling of coziness, and individuality in the seating extending to the spacious areas. It is not clustered with unnecessary props to lock in on one single theme. This design makes sense.

You get the full package of pampering for a surprisingly fair price. It is not expensive taking everything into consideration, and trust me I have seen everything.



I base my review on five successful visits during lunch and dinner servings over a period of three months. Successful management backed up by a company wishing to provide and enforce excellent customer care by way of actively maintaining a high level of professional service is what sets this place apart from the competition. I saw the interaction between staff members, chefs, and the manager, and even during stressful periods, they remained calm and determined, which is vital in this line of business.

I highly recommend SUD Lisboa!

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