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Taking on Pink Floyd as a tribute band is a challenging task. You are more likely to succeed as an upcoming artist rather than regurgitating past successes. The legacy of Pink Floyd is huge, and most tribute bands fail to deliver because they simply do not capture the spirit. Another brick in the wall, right? Anyway, a few years ago I had the pleasure to attend a Brit Floyd concert in Lisbon which was pretty good, but this time around Brit Floyd hit it out of the ballpark. The sound was immaculate, and the visual effects stunning, and combined with a repertoire of gems performed by highly skilled musicians brought this event to a whole different level. The audience was totally captivated and it was obvious Brit Floyd owned ‘Altice’ that evening. The therapy began with a beautiful rendition of “Shine on you crazy diamond” followed by a string of pearls like “Mother”, “High Hopes”, “Pigs”, “Another brick in the Wall”, “Money”. After the break they performed “Speak to me”, “Time” and what cemented my love for Brit Floyd was a touching rendition of “Wish you were here” – thereby followed by one of the best performances of “One of these days” which was on par with Roger Waters act, which  I saw a few months ago (read article here). So, questionable is whether Brit Floyd actually did do Pink Floyd justice? It is my contention they did not only do Pink Floyd justice but extremely proud! I urge my readers to have a look on their website BRIT FLOYD to find out when they are playing near you because you are in for a great audio/visual experience second to none.

Looking forward to meeting Brit Floyd again!



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