Is the white race superior?

I hope with this ridiculous question in the headline: “Is the white race superior?” that I grabbed your attention and raised your blood pressure? The answer is obvious, – absolutely not! There are no superior human races on Earth. It is the same blood running through our veins. Unfortunately, racism thrives well in 2018, but this archaic belief is still perpetuated in many communities around the world, – most notably the notion that your skin colour automatically triggers various privileges. It is a form of elitist thinking amongst individuals clinging onto a ludicrous excuse to attack some various minority groups for their own potential failures. It is not contructive whatsoever!

Racism is not something new, it has existed since the beginning of mankind. As an example, present racism in Africa is multi-faceted and dates back hundreds of years between rival tribes and the countries, respectively.


Nevertheless, when the first European settlers went on their crusaides to claim new land, – they allowed genocides to happen, and took advantage of any political instabilities, or existing wars between the rivaling natives. They regarded the tribes as primitive animals, but for strategic and economical purposes initiated at first a “friendship” with its rulers to fight “their” war in order to minimize potential casualties, and thus weaken them upon revealing their real sinister intentions. The story of Hernán Cortéz and Monteczuma II is great evidence of this.


Maybe this kind of “disguise” could be argued to be present in today’s ghettos where less than 10% of murder cases are solved and nearly all assaults goes unsolved, because…hey…it is the ghetto, and if everyone kills each other the problem will eventually get solved. I consider this a total disrespect towards life.


I am a Caucasian male in my mid-thirties and throughout my whole life, I never developed this ‘hatred’ against people with darker skin than mine, nor gave a damn about how rich or poor my friends were. It is all about what is inside their heart and mind. I embrace other cultures, and usually found common ground in music, and, of course, in the area of culinary arts. Nevertheless, I am capable of hating and will be a torn in anyone’s arse if they do me, or anyone I love any harm. You can be from any social class, race or whatever, I will be all over you like a rash.

I am not ignorant and acknowledge there still exists a problem in 2018/19, and by turning my head whilst closing my eyes to any inequalities would make me a shallow and spineless individual. Since I was a kid, I challenged authorities and thus faced many problems because I dared to ask controversial questions, and refused to take an answer as conclusive without any logical or constructive explaination. I witness what coloured friends of mine are facing on a daily level. Skilled, hard-working and ambitious professionals with their mind and heart in the right place not getting a chance. It is repulsive! Sure, laws are enacted to minimize racism but ask yourself what is wrong with our society when we need laws to regulate the way we treat each other? Sure many people will be able to provide me with the US Census data that; i.e  Afro-Americans are incarcerated on average five times more than whites.  This is a staggering number given there exist 32 million Afro-Americans in the US. Again, some may be tempted to argue that black people are extremely dangerous but then I would like to point out the publicly available records in regards to contemporary mass killings conducted by Statista, which stipulate that 54 of the gunmen were white, 16 black, and seven either Latino or Asian. It is clear to see that such a postulation is ludicrous.


Racism, however, is not only “white man” phenomenon, as nowadays it occurs frequently also within black communities on the lower scale of the income bracket. In Africa, the Caribbean, and the US, more black people kill other black people more than, for instance, whites according to US Census. The problematic area has become one of social classification, and given most represent the lower end of the social income class – ignorance and stupidity usually prevail, – since most have no access to proper education, as their basic needs are not met, therefore, it is impossible for any human being – regardless of race to advance and further themselves, and combined with the fact we live in a world where the law has become a weapon instead of a shield is very demotivating – the weaker are slaughtered. Legal representation has become big business. I believe Obama got it right when he said that America’s criminal justice system is “skewed by race and wealth”.

On the other hand, I do not condone any crimes, nor any lewd behaviour, and am not arguing those incarcerated did not deserve their punishments but the probabilities are alarming. Yet, these groups have become victims, a bi-product of a dysfunctional system where allocations of funds are geared towards the top 1%, and arms. Nevertheless, to battle this problem – a great starting point would be looking into the mirror as a society, collectively, because it begins with you. To prove my point, I would like to draw attention to the recent report conducted by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute which stipulate that Worldwide military spending is estimated to have reached $1.7 trillion in 2017.

$ 1.7,000,000,000,000


Throughout history minorities have always been stepped on, – anyone deviating from the social norm of a particular time period was rejected by the masses. Women were burned at the stake for being witches, Jews were persecuted, blacks were enslaved and deprived of any freedom – sold as commodities at the public squares, the Native Americans were slaughtered by the early European settlers to pave the way for Europeans to conquer their land. It is known as the 500 years war and is the longest running Holocaust in Human history with a death toll estimated way above 110 million deaths. Chances are you never heard about it?

I am also writing this article because of a friend of mine, Lucille, who was a young black journalist growing up in a turbulent era where injustice was more prevalent in the US than today. Not only did she have to fight against racism, but also severe inequalities in a male dominated society where women’s only purpose was assumed to be pleasing their men sexually, give birth, clean the house and otherwise shut up, and accept the occasional beatings now and then. Anyway Lucille posted a link to a powerful article published by the Guardian dealing with America’s history of racism, which I suggest you read by pressing this following link How white Americans used lynchings to terrorize and control black people


I would like to end this article with a picture of an American icon, and an individual who ranks very high in my consideration. A picture says a thousands words. …and to Lucille, I guarantee you I will fight against any inequalities and continue your legacy. Much respect, and honoured to have a friend like you, Lucille. Love you!




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