Team builder

What can you offer me? Do I have to purchase countless of products?

I am not going to promise you the world and/or guarantee you financial freedom, because nothing in this life comes easy. Every venture you undertake takes dedication, discipline, and hard work. However, statistics stipulate you are more likely to succeed in the area of network marketing rather than in a traditional job. Also, you can work all over the world and you just need a laptop and a Wifi connection to sign up new customers. Meaning, here, you do not have to sit in with a large stock of supplements because it will be shipped directly from the company. We are changing the way network marketing is conducted. Also, if you wish, you do not have to buy a starter package to sign up a distributor. If, however, you decide to do you will receive some outstanding offers, which are no near the prices or set up by our competitors. At the point of this writing, we are the only company of this caliber offering such supplements.


What can I expect as a distributor and what are the benefits of a network?

It all depends on your circumstances and how much time you would want to out into this area of work. I strongly suggest individuals not to skip their daily jobs when starting out, because it takes time to develop contacts and setting up any business. However, to me, it has been an exciting journey. I have created a vast network of friends and contacts, which have subsequently also paved the way for me to conduct business in many other business sectors and not only this “core”.

My “new” network of like-minded entrepreneurs was a total game changer.

Connections are really everything in this world, and I wish, I would have realized this ten years ago. Nevertheless, time is too precious and short to regret, it is about moving on and not dwell on what could have been, as it is a waste of time and energy.


… but what can OUR Team offer to you???

We encourage our potential distributors to try out the products before committing to selling them.  How can you educate and tell other people about supplements which you have never tried and felt the benefits? We do reserve the rights to kindly decline anyone if we feel you would not become an integral part of the team because we are very serious about the way we work and co-operate with each other.

However, once you become a part of the team you will not be left alone and we will provide you with a 24hour direct service to your colleagues, and we will be there to provide you with all the information and help you need. We pride ourselves on having some of the highest ranking professionals within our group and we understand you will rely heavily on their experience and knowledge because if you are not successful, it will reflect back on us – so it is our mission to support and guide you in good times but also to be there in challenging periods. We are individuals, – not numbers and we believe in a friendly and positive working environment. We work worldwide!


Are you going to invest a lot of money before getting started?

In other words, are you forced to buy a starter package for several thousands of dollars/euros before getting involved? The answer is “no”! You do not need to invest any money to become a distributor, but if you decide to take this business seriously, then, having a “showcase” for your clients would be expedient. It is a one-time purchase with a selection of products, which most of our distributors. We offer various packages as well.

You do not commit yourself to paying for products every month to continue selling. Why should you? It is not our interest for you to store a lot of products in your garage. This will not benefit you, us, nor our clients.

We appease all the laws and regulations set by any individual country we distribute in, respectively. The end-consumer is the most important link to our survival and it is all about their satisfaction.

Although you may not invest a lot of money into the business, or none whatsoever, I am a firm believer that time itself, is more valuable than any other currency on Earth. We cannot buy lost time back! You need to be honest with your skills, time and dedication.

As mentioned in my post Misconceptions about MLM the failure rate is sky-high, but 80% of all up-starting businesses close down leaving the entrepreneurs behind with huge financial and legal liabilities in any other business. The other 15-18% break even but over time most become slaves of their own creations – like for instance the restaurant business – all restauranteurs I have spoken with over the years admonished me about opening my own place. The amount of stress and liabilities associated with this industry versus the return on investment is a bad deal, and I would become a prisoner within my own four walls – wasting my time micro-managing staff members. It is also an individual choice and to me, this would not make any sense at this point in my life.


If you want to learn more about this – kindly go to my contact me and fill in the form with your name, location and any potential questions you have got. We can also arrange a meeting over Zoom or Skype where you will be able to speak with various members of your of the team.


Looking forward to hearing from you…